Property Owner Responsiblities

We live in a beautiful neighborhood which draws a lot of interest from home buyers and developers but because of the neighborhood’s historic status, all property owners need to be aware that there are RESTRICTIONS when it comes to any changes you want to make to your property.


Building and Permitting

Historic Preservation


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Building Permits


Save yourself money and headaches by checking on restrictions before starting any work on your home.  All alterations visible from the street will need a 'Certificate of Appropriateness' before any permitting can be done.  Please call or visit the Historic Preservation  Officer at the City of Miami Planning Department (305-416-1453). 

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Article 5 of the Miami 21 Code should be your go to reference.

Guidance is also avaialble from the Buena Vista East Design Advisory Committee.

Miami 21 Code

Tips & Useful Links


We are currently working with the Dade Heritage Trust ( on design guidelines  specific to our neighborhood.  While this is ongoing, here are a few tips:

  • Ensure you reach out to the Design  Committee for advice before embarking on any major project.
  • Confirm your window replacements conform with requirements.
  • There are specific heights for fences and hedges and these need permits.
  • You need a permit to remove or significantly trim trees.

DID YOU KNOW that living in a historic neighborhood not only increases your property value but you are  potentially eligible for certain ad valorem tax incentives? 

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